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Support and Services

Tier 3 Support

Serves as a final escalation point specializing in troubleshooting wide-scale services issues, identifying product bugs, driving resolution with the associated product teams, provisioning and facilitating large scale projects; supports Exchange, Teams, Conference Room Systems, Global Telecom, and DevOps/Automation.

Regional Telecom Engineering

Manages Microsoft Teams Enterprise Voice Telecom and TDM PBX related projects/tasks supporting business units and subsidiaries by engineering voice solutions in the US, Canada and Latin America; specializes in configuring Microsoft Teams systems, engineering and implementing AudioCodes SBC, Oracles SBC and ATAs for Teams deployment.

Implementation and Infrastructure Services

Multifaceted team provides service support at a Project Scale, Telecom (Voice Services) Implementation Support, and UC (Unified Communications)/Voice Service Support (Public and Executive) as well as ongoing E911 Compliance validation audits.

Lab Support

Provides critical testing/maintenance of approved and beta endpoints and associated firmware and software in a pre-production (lab) environment with the goal of identifying and remediating larger scale issues that may result in poor customer experience.

Global Logistics

Sets the highest standards for the customer's logistics, shipping, and warehousing needs by providing expertise and an in-depth knowledge of worldwide shipping, freight forwarding, and customs regulations and requirements.

Voice Service Administration

Provides customer support by working with large data sets and identifying/ correcting discrepancies, managing Voice Circuit Inventory and conducting Circuit Audits; provides onboarding and training to new users and builds tools to increase efficiencies, automate reporting, and facilitate portal improvements.

IT Project Management

Is vital to customer project success by planning, establishing, and managing information technology (IT) projects; serves as a liaison between the business, customer, and all technical aspects of assigned projects including overseeing workflow, adhering to budget, schedule, and scope of the project.

Key Projects and Outcomes

E911 FCC Compliance

Passage of the Ray Baum's Act requires certain multi-line telephone systems to provide location-based dispatch information to emergency first responders. Our team travelled across 33 states to audit and map 173 buildings, a total of 203,698 ports and Wireless Access Points (WAP), to ensure customer compliance and accurate, swift, lifesaving care for the callers.

AV/ Life Cycle Refresh

Over 4.5 months, the NCS team upgraded/refreshed the AV equipment in over 800 Microsoft LCD display-based conference rooms by removing the old AV hardware and replacing it with new video codecs, cameras, and microphones and/or LCD monitors then completing the configuration work and activating the new equipment on the customer's corporate production network.

Legacy Corporate Campus PBX Support and Decommissioning

This project included assuming maintenance and support for Microsoft’s vintage PBX voice communications infrastructure to ensure continued up-time and operations while at the same time, implementing a plan to migrate all services to other modern platforms with the eventual goal of decommissioning all legacy systems, which had been in place for 20-30 years. NCS also assumed ongoing support for 180+ modern SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Gateways, also referred to as SBA’s, Analog Terminal Adapters (ATA’s), and Session Boarder Controllers (SBC’s).  NCS still provides global management and remote support for these devices today. To find out more about this project and its impact, please view this article: Microsoft turns off internal PBX platform, says goodbye to telephones in favor of Teams -