It's Who We Are

Our company culture is one of teamwork, respect, continuous learning and improvement.

Our vision

NCS will be the standard by which all other managed IT service providers are judged by.

Our mission is to be a solution integrator and partner that enables our customers to reach their greatest potential. We will achieve this by:

  • Aggressively seeking out and adapting to new, high-end technology

  • Always anticipating the needs of our customers to provide best in class service

  • Having dedicated and enthusiastic subject matter experts on our team

Our Mission

Core Values

We Live These Daily

  • Quality Results

    'White glove' service is our standard!

  • Ownership and Engagement

    This is OUR service, OUR product, OUR team; and we take pride in it every day!

  • Tenacity and Resilience

    In the ever-changing technology sector, we persevere by dedicating ourselves to continuous learning, improvement, and adaptation, while doing what it takes to get the job done!

  • Employee Empowerment, Leadership Support

    Our employees are the experts in their fields and are trusted to make the right decisions for themselves, the team, the company, and the customer while knowing there is an open door if they need support, direction, or advocacy from leadership.

  • Camaraderie and Teamwork

    We have fun working together and lean on one another to utilize the strengths and knowledge of our organization- ONE NCS!

"The execution of our project was a showcase of excellence."

"Shoutout to the entire NCS team who, over the past few years, supported the efforts focused on the end of Skype for Business OnPrem. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this milestone."

"Recognition for the Service Automation team 'for the excellent customer engagement surrounding the e911 change management tool. The global support partnership is critical to the success of e911 compliance within our company... the level of confidence and quality of the product being delivered by the tooling team is incredible!"